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Git your projects started

Archetypes lets you use git to manage and share project templates

To create a new project using an archetypes template,

bash <(curl

The important features for me when I wrote it:

More specifically, the checked-out template is transformed into your project by the following steps:

Making new archetypes

  1. Make a minimal, working project for the platform you want to create an archetype for
  2. Set up your .gitignore and initialize a git repository

    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m "Working example project"
  3. Merge in the base archetype

    git remote add archetype
    git pull archetype master
    # resolve merge conflicts
    git commit
  4. Parameterize the template. You may want to do one or more of the following

    • Add a .liquid extension to any file and then use
    • Add additional parameters in properties.yaml
    • Use liquid template syntax in any folder name or file name. The name will be URL-decoded before being evaluated by liquid. (For example, {{ package %7C as_path }})
    • Add additional liquid filters to init.rb
    • Add additional shell commands to the end of init.rb
  5. git commit your parameterized template

  6. Test the template

    # Make sure everything is committed
    # Make sure everything works
    git reset --hard HEAD^
  7. Fill in "<this repository>" in

  8. Push your archetype to github

  9. If you feel your archetype is stable and of general interest, submit a pull-request to to have your archetype included in the suggested list